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Protein Informatics Group

The Protein Informatics Group currently consists of a collaboration between researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of Missouri, and the University of Georgia. Our common interests are in development of computational tools for solving problems from molecular biology. Our work ranges from construction of mathematical/statistical models to development of algorithms to code implementation on various platforms to applications of computational tools to solve various bio-data analysis problems. Our current R&D activities focus on the following four areas:

  • Protein Structure Prediction and Modeling: We are interested in developing effective computational methods for protein fold recognition, protein structure prediction and modeling, and protein complex prediction; and applying these tools to solve real structural biology problems. One of our key techniques is protein threading.
  • Hybrid Methods for Protein Structure Determination: We are interested in developing hybrid techniques, taking advantage of the strengths of computational techniques and high-throughput experimental data, in support of high-throughput protein structure determination. We are particularly interested in utilizing sparse NMR data.
  • Gene Expression Data Analysis and Biological Pathway Construction: We are interested in developing novel computational techniques for information extraction from large-scale gene expression data and applying them to biological pathway studies. We are currently focusing our studies on microbes and plants. Computational Methods for Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis: We are interested in developing highly effective computational methods for identification of proteins and protein-protein interactions through analyzing mass spectrometry data and chemical cross-linking data.
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