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Projects and Research

The ORNL Computational Biology is particularly interested in the computational, informational, and biological opportunities and challenges created by the increasing flow of genes and proteins identified by large-scale genome equencing. Addressing these problems appropriately could have important implications for understanding genomes and proteomes and fundamental biological processes.

Our research interests include computational analysis of the structure and function of genes and gene products, annotation of genome sequences, protein folding and structure prediction, microbial genomics and environmental biotechnology, and integrated analysis tools and databases that support fundamental biological research.

Our currently funded projects include computational structural biology, including protein structure prediction, GRAIL™, and GenQuest genome analysis servers, and gene function information through analysis of genome and biological data.

These projects exploit the different research interests in computational biology and bioinformatics within the Computational Biology Program. These projects have already resulted in tools and resources being made available to the public. The results of our projects are published and presented.

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