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Study on Proteomics of Pseudomonas Putida F1 Chromate Response
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Dorothea K Thompson, Karuna Chourey, Gene S Wickham, Stephanie B Thieman, Nathan C VerBerkmoes, Bing Zhang, Andrea T McCarthy, Matt A Rudisill, Manesh Shah, and Robert L Hettich

Proteomics reveals a core molecular response of Pseudomonas putida F1 to acute chromate challenge

Pseudomonas putida is a model organism for bioremediation because of its remarkable metabolic versatility, extensive biodegradative functions, and ubiquity in contaminated soil environments. To further the understanding of molecular pathways responding to the heavy metal chromate [Cr(VI)], the proteome of aerobically grown, Cr(VI)-stressed P. putida strain F1 was characterized within the context of two disparate nutritional environments: rich (LB) media and minimal (M9L) media containing lactate as the sole carbon source.