Vonode: A new de novo sequencing algorithm for shotgun proteomics
using high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry

Vonode software download:
  1. Vonode (for Windows):

  2. Raxport (For exporting RAW files to FT2):
        Raxport at Google Code

  3. A template Vonode Configuration file:

  4. Set of 12 FT2 test files (in zip format):
        Vonode_Test_Dataset.zip (138MB)
  1. Convert RAW files to FT2 files:
        Please refer to instructions at Raxport at Google Code

  2. Modify VonodeConfig.xml (as appropriate) with a text editor

  3. Run the Vonode program:
        Command: Vonode.exe -w  <RawFileDirectory> -c  <Config File>

  4. Results in the output NOV files can be viewed in Excel or a text editor